I've been working on this series for several years. These images are mostly made up of people; whether for economic, political or social reasons, who have been mishandled by society.

Youth at play; Nablus, Palestine 2002

WTO/IMF Demonstrations; Washington D.C 2000

Generations of survivors; New Orleans, La 2006

Babu & Biddut, illegal immigrants  Rome 2001

Iboya & Melinda at the orphanage;  Târgu Mure?, Romania 2001

Hipsters night out; San Francisco, Ca 2005


Congo Museum; Brussels 2007

Kevin on Tome Hill; New Mexico 2006

MSF Hospice; Lecce, Italy 2002

Ibrahims granddaughter at home; Mount of Olives, Jerusalem 2003

Gun shot victem;  Nablus, Palestine 2002

Henry at the food line; Seattle, Wa 1999

Jamie at the AIDs Hospice;  Seattle, Wa 2001

Isak at the airport  Brussels, Belgium