the longest journey is the journey within.

He’s at a loss for words. How does he describe something that hasn’t taken place? Or better yet, something that happened in a previous life. I can tell you that, through a series of circumstances, through no choice of his own, he discovered his identity in a past life. I can’t rightly explain how it unfolded, it wasn’t necessarily chronological, but I can say that it involved a cup of tea, a meeting with a well known dutch astrologer, and the most recent pieces fell into place in a small town in Devon, UK. This was the prelude to Markings.

Markings is an autobiography inspired by Dag Hammarskjöld, the second UN Secretary General, both a Christian Mystic and a respected Statesman. It is this connection, between the spiritual and the political, which interests him. You see, over the years, while involved within activist circles, he noticed an overabundance of people wanting to save the world, yet unable to sustain relationships with those closest to themselves. As if one can save the world without first seeing oneself. Since reading Hammarskjöld’s biography and private journals, something more subtle surfaced; the strength which emerges from the connection between outer action and inner growth.

Markings is a performance determined by the lay of the cards. Just as no two lives are ever alike, no two performances will be the same.

*Premier 18th March 2010; Marstrand festivalen, Blackbox Teater, Oslo.
Stamsund International Theater Festival, June 1 - 5, Stamsund , Norway.